Had a great time with this last year so lets keep this going. Will do this a little different from last year as far as payout and ESPN instead of Yahoo(mostly because I am more familiar). Post here and PM me your email and I will send out the rules to everyone. Cigars will be held by myself until the season is over and must be mailed in before the draft date unless prior arrangements are made. Draft date will be Monday, September 1st at 8:00pm ET snake style randomized 1-hour prior to the draft.

  • ESPN Standard League format for rules and scoring
  • Snake Draft
  • Waiver Wire
  • 5 Cigars per entry of $8 or higher retail value
  • 10-12 Teams
  • 13 regular season games
  • 8-team playoff single round elimination starting week 14, ending week 16
  • Payout for Regular Season Winner- 10 Cigars assuming that we have 12 teams
  • Payout for Playoff Winner(35 Cigars) and Second Place(15 Cigars)

Reply or PM me and I will send the rules and the link to the league to you. Ready to lose some cigars?

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I'm in, but what is this "No Waiver Wire" nonsense?

Well I suppose that is negotiable. I actually considered having it auction style with acquisition bids.

I'm In - and you GOTTA go with auction waivers... 

I think its adding too much complexity to a relatively easy process with messing with waivers.  Football is easy - have waivers run on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  Waiver priority doesn't reset week to week (so you can save it if you want to maximize it).

I am always in! Have to get this horrible fantasy baseball taste out of my mouth 

I imagine it's a lot more to keep up with. Especially if it's your first time & you don't know most of the players too well. That said, I don't know any NFL players except some college guys I recognize. Have fun w/o me.

Alright now I am torn. I really like the Auction style player acquisitions because it adds a bit of strategy to waiver pickups. The reason I dislike waivers is because depending on your priority on the waiver wire you can jump in a full day after everyone else has put their claim on a player and still get him. The "no waiver" and "auction" style approach makes it a competition to see who can get their first or who can bid the most strategically to make great pickups without having to be coached by NFL network the night before. Just a thought but as I stated I would like this to be a discussion so I am open to changing it.

Here is my take, but I only brought it up because I had an opinion - at the end of the day, I'm in regardless...

In football, all games are played at the same time (relatively) - Thursday, Sunday and Monday (and maybe a Saturday here or there).  Along these same lines, player additions or injuries or changes are usually all very clear coming out of the "weekend's" games - you have a pretty good idea of who may be injured, who may start, etc by Tuesday afternoon.

The "no waiver" rule really benefits a good draft.  If someone misses the draft, has a bad draft, or gets a tough injury early, they might lose interest and we have less activity even earlier in the season than usual.

The "auction" waiver rules are bit difficult for some people to fully grasp, and I guarantee a majority of the league doesn't even understand how that works let alone has played like that before. I worry that we're adding additional complexity unnecessarily and will get a lot of people who get frustrated with it when they miss out on FAs the first few weeks because they didn't understand the process.

Luckily, as I stated, with football, I think you can have waivers run on Wednesday or Thursday early morning, after all games for the week have completed, its pretty clear what the outlook is for the following week, and everyone's had time to submit their requests, and have a player head back to Waivers when their team's game starts (ESPN should support this - a guy playing Thursday returns to waivers at kickoff Thursday, a guy playing Monday is a FA until Monday night kickoff).  This way everyone has access under the same, simple process, and there is benefit to holding your waiver priority.

All great points Matt. I think that you are right about the auction making things a bit too complicated for some. I will look into the waiver period rules for ESPN, normally there is a 1-day waiver period for their leagues if I remember correctly.

Bump on this. We need a few more players or this might not happen. So far I have 4 including myself and I would say we need 10 to make this happen. Dont be afraid of some friendly competition and unclutch some of those cigars you have been hanging on to.

Just caught wind of this on twitter. I'm in if a spot is still available.

Bump....still working on this. Need 3-5 more brave souls to make this exciting



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