I apologize for not introducing myself sooner. My name is Chris. I've been making purchases from the CF store for the past few months and have been so impressed that I decided that I should experience the forum. I've been a cigar smoker for quite a while. I enjoy discovering great smokes and have forged many friendships through the shared passion for cigars. I also enjoy occasional pipe smoking as well as spirits (single-malt Scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, etc.) and craft beer.

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Any fan of Coltrane is a friend of mine... welcome brother!  Sounds like you're gonna fit right in...

  • What are you smoking these days?
  • What craft beers are you drinkin'?

Thanks for the welcome, Robby!

I was lucky to meet Jose Blanco and Emma Viktorsson at an event when they introduced the Senorial a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the Senorial, so I've tried  the Senorial Maduro and the Freyja.

I've also enjoyed the Blessed Leaf Kairos and lit up my first Southern Draw Firethorn Robusto tonight.

I was able to snag a bottle of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout last year, so I decided to enjoy it with dessert tonight.

you gotta try the Senorial 65th... loved that smoke!

I definitely will!

I believe you are in the right place

Thanks for the welcome, brother!

Lots of great guys here - a real fun group for sure!  If you are in need of any BCBS I have 3 cases of it.  Not a lot of people in Wyoming know what it is or how it is in demand around the country - so, I loaded up.

Thanks for the welcome and the offer, brother. I'll let you know if I get a craving for more BCBS. I was able to snag a growler from a local store in 2014, but only found 1 bottle last year. My brother in Chicago was able to get me a few bottles in 2014. Definitely a rare gem in the beer world!

Yes it is!  I'm pretty lucky that 90% of the people in Wyoming drink Bud Light or Coors Light - leaves more of the good stuff for me!

I want to give a shout out to my BOTL, Charlie Baranyai! This year marks his 11th Wounded Warrior Quad State Herf supporting  "Wings for Warriors" http://wingsforwarriors.org/ and “Hudson Valley Honor Flight” http://hvhonorflight.com/. A great event for a worthy cause for all BOTL and SOTL!

Hey Chris! Welcome to the Fed!  Are you the same Chris McCann from BOTL? I think we might have conversed over the years there if you are!

Do you represent a brand, or just a mistype when you set up your account?

Thanks for the welcome, Matt! I'm not the same Chris McCann. I was active on a couple of forums but not BOTL.

Unfortunately I don't represent a brand! Just a mistype when setting up my account.



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