I need bourbon advice, and I know you guys are full of it. Advice, I mean. I’m looking to keep some good bourbons on hand and am tired of being referred to bottles that no one can actually find. I want to know, aside from Buffalo Trace, what are some good ones that I should be able to find in most places? 

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You're still alive??

Hmm, there are lots of good ones out there.  Here's list of a few that I like across a few price ranges

Old Weller Antique 107 - $25 - Classic wheated bourbon which is theoretically similar to the infamous Pappy.  It can be tough to find because of the popularity.  A little stronger so don't be afraid to add ice or a few drops of water if your palate doesn't like the hot stuff.

Bulleit - $30 - Classic high-rye.  Flavorful and robust, but a little rough around the edges.  probably one of the highest volume bourbons on the market, you should be able to get it in pretty much any bar or liquor shop in the country.

Angels Envy - $40 - A little pricier, but it's finished in port casks so it's got a little twist that most other bourbons won't have.

Booker's - $60 - Strong stuff.  Every release has a little of it's own character, so it probably won't taste the same every time you buy it.

Honorable mentions:

-Elijah Craig Small Batch

-Evan Williams Single Barrel

-Four Roses Small Batch

-Eagle Rare

-Knob Creek

Tripp covered a great range and I enjoy all of the one's he mentioned. Here are a few more I could think of:

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. Small Batch Bourbon - This one is about $45 and on the stronger side but has great flavors. It really opens up with a few drops of water too.

Blanton's is still one of my favorites but it is getting expensive these days at about $60.

Michter's Kentucky Straight Small Batch Bourbon is great but I'm not sure what distribution is like. It is most places locally and costs about $45.

My standard bourbons that I tend to always keep around are the Old Weller Antique 107 and Elijah Craig Small Batch. They are less than $30 and I think they offer some of the most bang for your buck in bourbon.

These guys hit the mark really well, and that's a solid selection that'll keep you busy for a while. The only other stuff I would add are: 

- High West (American Prairie and Campfire)

- Breckenridge 

I'm sure I'm not thinking of some and I am not as big of a connoisseur as a lot of these other guys, so I'll post this at the risk of being called out. I've found that Basil Hayden's is a very pocket friendly, great tasting bourbon. And it's a bit off the track of what I think you are looking for, but Templeton Rye has been a go-to buy for me for a while now.

I'll give a +1 one on the Bulleit. Great stuff at a great price. Their rye is legit too, and makes a great old fashioned.

These guys have nailed it. I'd only add Larceny to the list. It can be had for 20-25 depending on taxes.
And clearly I need to move, since the liquor taxes here are killing me. I pay way more for this stuff than you guys.



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