Thanks Matt for combining two of my favorite things about cigars life, bombing and weaseling. This is exactly how FedHeads do it! I am sure that while we were all sending out our bombs you were saying to yourself, "That's a cute bomb!" My house is still recovering from the carnage. New cigars and cigar related items are always exciting to receive and I can't thank you enough for the prize. So, lessoned learned and I one day will be able to take rock from hand and deal out destruction on this level!

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Exceptional Matt and congratulations Miguel!

Glad they arrived - please enjoy!

The bandless cigar in the bottom pic next to the Collective is a My Father/Don Pepin Limited Edition made for Cigar Republic in 2010, I think. Great cigar.

Also, please try The Verdict and give me your thoughts.  Its a house blend that I had a hand in that I really enjoy. The Debonaire is a great cigar and I love those La Palina Maduros.  Also, the package of Crux Skeeterz has 10 little cigarillo like cigars in there.

Will do, I was wondering about the Verdict because there was very little info online. Deboniare has been on the radar and I am very excited to have scored one! My Father/Don Pepin love their stuff looking forward to smoking and documenting all of them! 

WOW! what a line-up

DAMN THAT IS SUPER SICK! I like those little Skeeters and the review book from Warped and the halfwheel/Liga sticker. That was super nice of Matt!

Matt does bust out the big guns, doesn't he? Most intrigued by that La Aurora Puro Vintage. Love me some Dominican cigars. Well played by an accomplished bomber, and I like to think it was these lanceros you sent me that won it for you! Enjoy, brother!

I'm not sure if it was the Warhead he sent you or not, but he was tied for the most amount of entries in the raffle, so I feel like this was more than deserving.

Well played Matt well played 



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