Great combination,
Bojórquez with a Mojito,
I called this Combination an Habana Style!
Of course the tobacco of Bojórquez
Its from San Andrés Tuxtla, its just the style,
A great combination to enjoy and relax yourselve.

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Did you say this was all Mexican tobacco?

Right, thats why i said the tobacco is from San Andrés Tuxtla and its just the style.

Its very intriguing to think about a Mexican puro cigar.  I've heard of some Mexican puros before, but have never had them, but considering I enjoy a lot of the San Andres wrapper, I'm sure it would appeal to me.

I am very intrested in trying your cigar. I am a huge sucker with SA Maduro Wrappers, but it is usually paired with a Nica filler. How can we go about getting some?

You should try it,thats with us, we can send it yo the
Uniteds, we are looking for a distributatior yo
The Uniteds, but we can send to Usa!
Yes they are pretty famous here!
You should try it!
Im glad you are interested about our tobacco Logan,thank you!



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