The postseason for baseball starts tonight and we wanted to tie in a contest with this great time of year.

There are two prizes, the grand prize is a box of Big Papi's and the runner up prize is a 5 pack of Big Papi's and an El Artista lighter.

Here is where the contest gets fun. To enter, take a picture or video of you representing your favorite baseball team or teams (they don’t have to be in the playoffs to qualify) and post that on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The way we will do it is that each day, you can post to all three if you like, but the catch is, the pictures or videos must be different on each social media platform and each day. For example, on day 1 you could post a picture or video to Facebook, a different picture or video to Instagram and a different picture or video to Twitter and you would have three entries for that one day. Slight variations will be disqualified. You can keep doing the same thing every day of the contest.

Once the contest is finished, we will pick a finalist from each Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and from those three finalists, we will randomly select the two winners.

When posting on Facebook, tag Developing Palates and El Artista and use the hashtag #DevPalPlayoffContest

When posting on Instagram, tag developing_palates and elartistacigar and use the hashtag #DevPalPlayoffContest

When posting on Twitter, tag @DevelopPalates and @ElArtistaCigar and use the hashtag #DevPalPlayoffContest

The contest will run until October 9th at 11:59PM Pacific Time, so you have a total of 21 possible entries.

For the full rules, check out the contest page on our site:

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Last day to get in on this, don't miss out.



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