Balmoral Royal Selection Edicion Especial Anejo 18 Rothschild Masivo

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These are really good cigars! I personally like the MK52 torpedo, what did you think of this smoke?

I'm smoking either a Dirty Rat, L40 or UF-13, got all 3 in 5 packs yesterday!!!!

I've got the Torpedo also, but went with this size first.  I was curious if anyone else smoked it yet.  Delighted to find you like it.  I'm still only 1/3 of the way through, but its fantastic.

I know very little about this cigar going in.  From briefly inspecting the display in the humidor, I realize that this is produced by Royal Agio cigars and Drew Estate is now handling distribution for them in the United States.  The cigar has very "proper" branding with a white and grey band with gold embossing and a white foot-band with grey writing.  The pre-light draw was very interesting to me and I sat with it for awhile trying to discern what it was and after a bit, it hit me - the pre-light draw tasted like fresh mulch...creamy and sweet earth.  Very weird, but its a positive.  As I light the cigar, I'm immediately hit with some caramel-y sweetness on the tongue and a spice on the retrohale.  Less than half an inch in, and this cigar starts to mellow out into a medium-strength earthiness with a bit of manure and some slight floral flavors. If I didn't know better, with the knowledge that I haven't smoked a lot of CCs, I would have guessed that this cigar was made in Cuba. I need to try to get Dustin one of these because his descriptive reviews will do this far better justice (and I think he might like it!).  The flavors and complexity of this are really outstanding and I'm sitting back to enjoy it a bit.  The burn and construction are fantastic on this cigar - the draw is fluid and I'm an inch and a half in of "toothy" ash with no signs of it falling anytime soon.  I stepped away for a bit to just enjoy this and I think the cigar is actually getting better.  The flavors are strong and abundant.  I'm getting a pleasing sweetness to go along with some cedar flavors in the middle and towards the end.  As I reach the nub, despite taking my time enjoying this, its starting to get a bit bitter.  Regardless, if we count this cigar as "new" (its been available for a while, but is just now sold in the US), this will probably make my top cigars of 2014!  Track it down!

Nice write-up.  I can't find em on the web.  Know anyone vendros with inventory?

I imagine you'll start seeing them soon and right after IPCPR show up a bit.  I'd contact your local Drew Estate rep and ask them for a status.

Thanks Matt

There's a DE event here mid-August, I will have to  drop in and see if they bring any along. They sound fantastic.

small batch cigars has these. 

Interesting, my shop owner was just raving about this.

I actually think you might even like it.

That's a pretty damn long name.

I am smoking one of these right now, and it is very, very good. The finish is exceptionally long and enjoyable. 



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