Had a great time in the dominican.  SMoked a lot of cigars, drank a lot of rum, and saw some cool stuff.

Here are a few pics:

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Good Stuff! You go to La Aurora?

no, both La Aurora and LFD were expensive trips with the cab fares and everything. I went to a little boutique factory called Don Lucas. It had a Rum tasting area and a chocolate factory attached so the womenfolk could go and have fun

Where were you specifically?  I'm moving to Santiago somewhere around the end of this year.

Punta Cana at the Hard Rock resort.  Moving to Santiago?  Wow, big move!

Ah. Punta Cana is clear across the country from Santiago.  Never been over that way; closest I've been to that side is Santo Domingo.

We're partnering up with Project Mañana as missionaries, hopefully around year-end.  It just depends on how quickly we can get our support raised.



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