So I am getting married in September, and my Bachelor party is in Mid-June. We've got a house rented on Put-In-Bay Island in Ohio, and I have about 13 guys attending right now. I know myself and 2 others are definitely aficionados, and we will have some great stuff, but I wanted to get some input about what to get for everyone else. Ideally it would be something that doesn't break the bank, but I want to get something that could nicely introduce these new guys to this wonderful hobby. I already have a box of  UC Corona Viva resting for the wedding, so I was thinking some assortment of interesting 5 packs, what do you guys think?

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Mystery sampler!

I would get something mild and cheap.  I remember for my bachelor party, we rented out a B&M for 2 hours as our first stop, and I brought a shitload of cigars for everyone to smoke.  Considering most of the guys - I had about 30+ - weren't smokers, I thought something non-offensive would get over the best, and I also realized that there was little point in wasting a lot of money on guys who won't know the difference between an Opus and a White Owl.

I'd consider something relatively cheap that I can find in the Store or off CBid or something - like the AF Suave or Perdomo Champagne or Avo Classic or something.

I hate to say it, just because he said it first... but actually, you might actually do well with Logan's suggestion of the mystery samplers from the Store.  $100 for a 20 count sampler of mystery stuff from the CigFed store.  A couple of those, and you'd have a spread of stuff for everyone to choose from and try out.  This (or scouring Cbid for random 5ers) is what I would do, both for variety and because I'm extra cheap.

A collection of various 5ers is certainly a way to go, gives you a little more control of what you're handing out. Plenty of good stuff around for beginners and experienced both. Four Kicks comes to mind, AKA Nth, Padron Londres or any of the "thousand" series, Fuente (like 8-9-8s or Chateaus)... but maybe include some fuller bodied stuff too, for your more "experienced" guests!  Or hell, if you're REALLY not sure if they're interested, pick up some ACIDs... they really are kind of cigars for people who might not like cigars.


Have fun and good luck!  Put-In-Bay can be a dangerous place... in that you have plenty of potential to get in lots of trouble :)

Buy a bundle of Davidoff 3x3 corona's for under $30.  Spend the rest of your funds for hte guys that care.  Why do I say this?  Because chances are most of them will toss them in no time, so you might as well hand them something that is cheap and flavorful, while spending money on say No 9's for yourself and the other two smokers.

Actually, that's a pretty good suggestion if you're not sure whether they're going to be into it. They come in tubes, so they look like fancy gifts :), and buying the 3x3 bundles runs $28 at Famous Smoke... so $3 a stick for fancy Davidoff Tubos that will still taste good for the "maybes", some good stuff for the guys you know will appreciate it. Good call, Catfish.

Haha I know PIB can be dangerous, I was there for my best man's bachelor party and we had a blast! Unfortunately it was early October and raining, so there wasn't much grilling and smoking.

I would really love to get a $100 mystery stick sampler, but I am afraid that there would be too much great stuff that I haven't tried and I would end up hoarding it. Hell, I just might get one for myself! 

Interestingly I saw a 5 pack sale today, and I had padron londres and four kicks in the cart with some tat P and ambrosia, for $82. one of my groomsmen is saying should just place a $100 order of CCs, but I want a good amount and variety. I guess since myself and the other 2 "aficionados" will be bringing nice stashes ourselves, I don't really want to spend more than $100.

-Sigh_ at least i still have a little bit of time to figure this out! Thanks for all the input!



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