I just received this awesome package from Logan, this five pack from the Cigar Chat contest. Quite excited for two of my favorites, the Nica Rustica and Corona Viva, been looking to try the Nirvana, and I'm looking forward to finding out more details about the two on the left!

Thanks so much!

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It sure does pay if you take the time to watch the shows and participate. Great win, enjoy! I think CF is one of the best cigar places I keep up with. A lot of excellent content from many, (just to mention a few, Logan, Rob, The Surgeon, Cigar Craig, and many others) need a review for consideration, need some entertainment, need to chat and just BS, you can find it all here, Cigar Federation is the greatest!

I've been a member since August I believe, I will try to be more active!

I am going to hold you to it!

Thanks for the kind words man. We try to keep it fun and entertaining. Plus, we always try to feed the weasels :)

Very nice - enjoy.

Congrats.......boy that stick on the left sure is ugly lol



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