Turns Out I'm heading to Austin first week of Feb next year.
Any suggestions on where to go for a cigar and where to buy some cigars?. ..if they are different places that is.
Oh, and if you are there let's smoke a couple! Why not?

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There are many places to go, but I prefer Habana House. Great selection, very casual, comfortable set up. Would love to meet up for a smoke or three! 

So, you might want to sync with Logan since...well...he lives in Austin.  And Jerad isn't far from there either.

Umm, I am so hurt you didn't know I lived here.

Oh, I know where you live!

Glad that you responded to this thread... but what are your suggestions? haha

I think he just assumed that you were too important to respond to a peon like him.

Ouch Tripp.

Hang with me and I will show you the places :)

Really just depends on where you are at.... Downtown Havana House, if you are central then Heroes and Legacies, etc.



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