I've been cleaning out my office over the last week and found a bunch of random cigar things I have accumulated over the years.  I'll post up some of the stuff that I think someone might want...  these ashtrays are available... if you want one, LMK... just looking to trade...

The DE and La Bomba have been used a hand full of times, but in good condition.  I'll clean them before they are sent out.  The AJF and J Feugo have never been used.

Personally, the J Fuego is my favorite.  It's quite sturdy and actually pretty heavy...

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The DE ashtray is spoken for... Trent swopped on it within seconds...

All Very cool... why don't you hang on to them and "secret santa" those bad boys... if they mean nothing to you they will probably make a grown cigar smoker very happy Christmas morning... just sayin'

(I've already started packing a few sticks away for this year's secret Santa)

that's probably what I'll do with whatever is left over... but I thought I'd give folks a shot at some of this stuff since it's not that easy to come by... i don't think you can actually buy these anywhere, but I may be wrong...

Pretty good assortment Rob

I have that DE ashtray but I think its almost too nice to use it

it holds ashes very well...

The AJF ashtray is spoken for...  J Fuego and La Bomba still available

601 and J Fuego are still up for grabs if anyone is interested



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