I finally decided to light one of these up again after 2 years. I was afraid to smoke one as my first experience while they were fresh was not so good. It beat me up and it wasn't all that great a smoke. Today was a little different. It did give me quite a noticeable kick but it wasn't that terrible. Along with the extra couple years came a more refined smoke. Many notes of spices, cocoa, pepper, leather, and something that kept reminding me of the flavor of water, that wasn't bad it was interesting. Anyway right at 2 hours it lasted and I can definitely tell they are getting better, to the point where I can honestly say I like them, where as before I was thinking why did I buy a box of these. Guess I can't figure out how to add an image from phone because I don't see anything that resembles adding a photo except adding an attachment.

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Nice, brother!  I added the pic for you - apparently the only way to add from an iPhone or iPad is via attachment.

I've got several of these (and Opus) sitting for a while because they're so much better with age.

Thanks for helping me out with.

Yeah, you just perked up a lot of ears here by saying you have a box of Sharks :)  Glad it turned out, because having a box full on hand that you know you don't like would really suck.

Glad to hear they are getting better for you. I don’t think the Anejo line is that great fresh but they get very good with some age. I always try to let them sit in the humi for at least a year.

Nothing worse than a fresh Anejo...



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