Style & Accessories: The Cigar Bracelet

By now you know I am very much into style and accessories- I adore bringing my love of fashion into my world of cigars whenever I can. Often, this is done through lighters, cutters, and cases. But this time, it is something I can wear.

Vintage fashion is something I am very fond of. The item I am here to introduce you to is not vintage but in fact made by a great friend. Every time I look at it I think vintage because of the timeless look and feel it carries. This is a wooden bracelet that has been designed with cigar bands. I say designed because Chancellor Karshens, the creator of this bracelet, took the time to think about how each band would look together from style and shape to color. He was also very clever to seal the inside of the band with the ribbon from a box of cigars- completing the theme with a strong sense of style!

There is a slight golden tint to the bracelet when it catches the light. I think that factor along with the ribbon that lines the interior makes me think “vintage”. It is a subtle thing- from a distance it looks like just another beautiful bracelet, but then when you get close you see the cigar bands. It makes me smile. I love how it isn’t obvious, almost understated until you really realize what it is.

Chance makes custom banded cigar fedoras, leather cuffs, flasks and more. I really appreciate his eye to detail and his placement of the bands. You can see his existing creations on his site atTOTALLY STOGED and maybe even get some ideas to have your own custom creations made.

I want to thank Chancellor for this wonderful bracelet- I adore it so much!! I enjoy showing it off each moment I can, and really enjoy the people who notice what it really represents. Cigars and fashion? Yes, I am a happy lady!

 article written by Teresa Merchant (Smoking Hot Cigar Chick)

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Very creative!

thank you so much!

Those are awesome, as well as the other stuff on the site!  Can't believe I've never seen them before.

i'm glad you like all the stuff!  i wish you have seen them before.  my stuff is catching on but i would like to get it out there.  thanks again!



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