Owned by Nicholas Melillo.  The company was formed in June of 2015 and introduced its first release, El Gueguense, in July 2015 at IPCPR.  


Melillo was previously Executive Vice President of International Operations at Drew Estate and is responsible for blending their most highly regarded blends.


Current blends:

  • El Gueguense - Made at TACSA in Esteli, Nicaragua.

  • The Tabernacle - Made at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A.

  • Charter Oak - Made at Tabacalera AJ Fernandez Cigars de Nicaragua S.A.

  • The Upsetters - Undisclosed factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.  Distributed exclusively by Miami Cigar Company.

  • Menelik - Event-only, not for sale.  Factory not disclosed. (added 4/5)

Smoke any Foundation Cigar and post a user review as a reply to this thread.

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Robusto 5x50

Tabernacle toro paired with Lagavulin 1996 Distiller's Edition. The scotch is like the standard 16yr but smokiness is dialed back just a touch and a little more sweetness. It's pretty much my favorite peaty Islay. The Tabernacle stood up to it very well, and is a near perfect maduro for my palate. Excellent balance of broadleaf earthiness with other flavors of chocolate, dark coffee, nuts and dried cherry. I counted four transitions. This is just a damn fine cigar, and definitely a "me time" smoke that demands your attention. 

Great review, Jeff.  I agree that the Tabernacle is a heck of a blend.  I'm also going to have to keep an eye out for that whisky.  I sounds right up my alley.

Nicely done Jeff

Tried to smoke an Upsetters today.  It's just not for me.  Way to overpoweringly infused for my palate.  I'm 2/3 through an Enclave from AJF now, and I still keep getting whiffs of the Upsetter.

That's too bad.  What flavors do you get from the infusion?  Is it comparable to an other infused cigar you've had?

super super floral, and sweet.  The smell reminded me exactly of the Extra Ordinary Larry, and it tasted like what I assume a fresh EOL tastes like, mixed with a Blondie.

Sounds like maybe you need to age it for a decade. lol

El Gueguense Corona Gorda paired with Flor de Cana 12:

I purchased this cigar not too long after these were first released so it's had some time in the humidor.

The cigar started out with a strong blast of black pepper backed by some wood and leather flavors. After about an inch the pepper backed off, and the leather and wood flavors become more dominant. I'm not good a noting a specific type of wood flavor, but this was not that cedar flavor, it was more like oak/walnut or something.

Transitioning into the middle the third the wood and leather came together with some nice sweetness coming through. A mix of tobacco sweetness and something that reminded of a Nilla Wafer.

As I got to the half way point all the flavors really came together and it was hard to pick out specific flavors, but it all melded together really nicely giving me lots of complexity.

Going into the final third I started to notice some baking spice notes and the pepper started to pick up again. This cigar smoked really nicely to a nub and kept me interested the entire time. No construction issues at all.

The Flor de Cana was a great pairing and I think the sweetness of the rum complimented the flavors of the cigar, but didn't overwhelm any of them. I think a bourbon would have overwhelmed much of the cigar's complexity.

.....and the following morning I was told I drank a bottle just like that one in Esteli.......the whole bottle.  Who knew?

It is good stuff.

Thanks for the review, Jason!  Sounds like a great pairing.



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