Might be the best cigar I have smoked of AB yet. Wondering what everyone else thinks of it.

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I am not a big fan of Alec Bradley's - the Fine & Rare is a waste for me, the Black Market does nothing for me, certain vitolas of the Tempus & Prensado are decent - but the Nica Puro is a winner that I can see myself going back to regularly.

I noted my thoughts in my Week in Review here.

Well that makes two of us. I really enjoyed it and at the current price point, it is hard to pass up.

I AM a fan of the AB's I've had so far, so I'mm looking forward to getting my hands on one. Famous Smoke has already been putting them into their AB brand samplers (brand samplers are my favorite) so I expect it won't be too terribly long before I get a shot, especially if not-AB-fans are digging it.

Which ones have you smoked thus far?

Truth, exactly 2, the Black Market Filthy Hooligan and the Overture. FH was VERY tasty despite the ultra-thinness of that otherwise tasty green wrapper, and the Overture may become my new favorite stick. I'll be going for either the Sun Grown or the Family Blend next. While I must say that Honduran and Dominican sticks have stood out as my style (aside from the Cubans), including the ABs, Sancho Panza, and Hoyo Excalibur, La Gloria, Fuente, I want to start trying some more Nicaraguan sticks. My issue is power - I'm not a knocked-on-your-tail power fan, so I look more for flavor without the head-spin, and many Nica sticks have a tendency towards power, which makes me cautious. (Granted the La Gloria Serie R has a kick, but I can't seem to put them away... They're tasty!)

I personally don't like candela wrappers. Until under a medium or medium-plus cigar it is hard for me to get into it. If want to try some stuff in the milder range, you should ask Catfish. That is right in his wheelhouse. I can say the Roma Craft Intemperance, AKA Solace, and EPC New Wave are about the only cigars I like in the the mild range.

Well, I will admit, FS lists the Overture as full bodied, and it was most excellent. I plan to start branching out to all profiles, so I can nail down what I like.but I may check with him, because I've been in search of a flavorful mild, rather than a paper-bag flavored mild. It's all like beer - I have IPA's I love, wheats, browns, porters, stouts, and yes, even American Style Light Lagers... and some that I don't. And just like beer, I won't know if I like it until I try it. So I believe I will need to try everything. Except cheap sticks. Unless I see an overwhelming slate of reviews, I steer clear of $1 sticks (looking at you, Joya de Jefe).

I'll tell you that the way I got started (and the way many get started) is to smoke the cheap stuff.  Early in your enthusiasm for the hobby, you can't tell the difference between a $3 stick and a $15 stick, so why waste the money?  Get a cheap sampler off one of the sites and experience a wide variety of flavors.  You will quickly learn what you like and what you don't like.  Then you can come here, or to your tobacconist if they are worth their salt and say, "I like <Cigar A>" and they can point you to something similar to help expand your tastes.

I'll also tell you that I only smoked Connecticuts (when they were always mild) when I first started, and it was awhile before I expanded to fuller smokes.

I DID get a cheap sampler... It just happened to have a Cohiba Red Dot, Torano Exodus Silver, Hoyo Excalibur, LGC Serie R, Punch Pita, Gurkha Doble Maduro, CAO Black, Macanudo Hyde Park... which cheap was I supposed to go to after that? :) I have had my moments - Torano Dominico was like a paper bag, and the Joya de Jefe fiasco, so I look more for how to get good sticks cheap, rather than just cheap sticks, but if there are bundle sticks people know out there that are worth a buy, I'm up for it.

I brought a couple of these home from the IPCPR but have yet to try one.I guess they will be next on my list to check out given the positive comments. I am in Wisconsin now and heading home today so I will revisit this thread and share my experience as well. Now you guys got me looking forward to this stick....

Had one the other day. Really liked it. Had a good kick to it that was unexpected. Very good retrohale.

I passed these up on the shelf last night. Ill have to give them a shot.



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