Post your hauls! What did everyone manage to snag on Black Friday?

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My kid got a deal on some converse shoes.  My other half will spend a metric ton on small business Saturday.  I'll shop on cyber Monday cause I'm not a people person.  What did you get Surgeon?

Man, I am in need of some new Chucks - my black and navy pairs are faded to shit!

If I was in the States I would have gone buck wild. But with the challenge of getting anything up here, zippo. I'm living vicariously through your hauls!

I did fairly well online from Canada... mostly gifts for others.

I bought a pair of Danner Hiking boots I really like for 60% off. Needed a new pair of winter kicks.

That's it. A pedestrian year.

Thats a score.  Danner makes great boots.  I have a pair thats 20 plus years old and I can't remember how many times they have been rebuilt/ resoled.

Yessir. I've got a Pair of Danner Canadians for my hunting boots. Set me back some coin a few years ago but I intend to have them for the next 10 or 20 years.

John, my hauls all came from my couch on my IPad. Just some predetermined shopping for ma'lady. Easy in easy out. She did the same, so I know I got something, just don't know what exactly. I don't go out that day unless I really have to.

Stress free shopping from the couch is best shopping IMO.

Absolutely. And the wife will actually screen print what she wants, where, how much, color, size, etc. Most gifts aren't much of a surprise, but it's what you wanted,

I bought new sheets for our bed.  Yea, that's right, big time spender lol.  :)




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