Given the beer pairings and hauls, thought it might be fun to see who all is on UNTAPPD. I'm on as SamCATX. Would love to know what beers you all are enjoying!

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Sunday Morning Breakfast Stout? Just had that last Sunday 

That's is good! But I usually check the empties Sunday morning to see what I missed logging in, during cleanup! ;)
Untapped 3.0 drops tomorrow at 10 est. They'll be on FB talking about the changes at 11 est.
Has anyone tried the whiskey version of Untappd called Distilld?

was going to try it out till I noticed all the 1 and 2 star reviews of everyone saying its broken and has a ton of issues.

Never heard of that MM need to look into it now

I'm an Untappd whore!  MattSRoss81 if you're not already following me.

Added! Accept me so I can see what you're imbibing.

Sam, the answer is everything.  Matt imbibes in everything on Untappd.  :P

Ha! Even better.

Recently joined as IrishFan69.

Woah! Missed this post. Of course I am, as JaredG327



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