Given the beer pairings and hauls, thought it might be fun to see who all is on UNTAPPD. I'm on as SamCATX. Would love to know what beers you all are enjoying!

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I tend to get lazy and log beers the next day, but you can add me as TrippHOPolis

So it looks like you drank five beers in five minutes.

Same here, but Unpossible_1

Sweet, fellas. Adding you now.

I try to use it but seem to forget to log about half my beers. Name is Big_Hop

I'm on, too: drsrevlindblad

I'm way behind on keeping this up on top, but it is here. :)

Yep, InTheValley is my name on there. Not friends with anyone currently, I started to use it to keep track of what i've tried.

For sure. I'm on there as ... shockingly Cigarsurgeon

I'm on there as JasonMeyers... really creative :)

Love it! Excited to see what you guys are drinking and enjoying.
JMillerMan2 and I tend to also drink a lot of brews onSunday mornings!



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