Logan's thread about coffee nerdom has me thinking. Does anyone out there in CigFed land roast their own coffee? 

I'm thinking of doing it. I have a friend nearby that roasts his own with a Behmor 1600. I figure I can get consistently good coffee for far less than what I pay now.

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Hell yeah. 6 or 7 years now with a Behmor 1600.

From that can I infer the unit has been reliable? If I sink the money in I want it to last a good long while. What preventative care do you take? Where do you source your beans?

Super reliable. You need to clean it out after around 20 roasts or so. I was getting my green beans from a green bean buying club, but shipping rates and the USD to CAD has made that a no go.

Now I get my beans from a place out of Ontario greenbeanery.ca

My local friend who roasts uses myhappymug.com A pound of Ethiopian Yergacheffe Kochere natural is 6.32. Not sure if that's good or not. Still learning!

That seems like a decent enough per pound cost to me.

I bet that makes the kitchen smell good...

Ehhh... coffee when it's roasting has a unique smell that does not smell like roasted coffee you are grinding. 

Smells kind of like burning popcorn. 

I think of it more like a hobby than a means to save money. With the time used for roasting it counters the money saved by buying green beans, in my opinion. Also, at least where I live, it's a lot harder to come across a place selling green beans. While roasting the beans ourself wasn't bad in anyway, I prefer the shop's proprietary espresso blend. But it is fun to do and see how the batch will turn out. By the way we roasted cave man style, first using pan and a butane burner and later using an induction burner. It was fun times but we aren't roasting beans at the moment.



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