Let me know if you are a coffee nerd. Meaning you grind your own beans, try different origins, use different brew methods, etc.

If you are leave a comment below and I might have something special for you :)



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That's awesome, Nick. Will be praying all goes well, brother! If you ever want to trade some of your favorite coffees for some smokes I'd be game!

That sounds good. What are your tastes in coffee? What varietes? 

I like variety in my coffee, but if I'm gonna be picky I'll go with just about any varietal of Ethiopian. I'll send you a message after thanksgiving and we can put something together. 

I look forward to it!

Yeah, grind my own.  I use a French press or moka pot just about every morning.

We use to roast our own and try our hands making different blends. But we no longer have the Espresso machine so it's mostly been going to the coffee shop. A good coffee shop that roasts some good beans well.

I would enjoy trying something different than Starbuck's blends.  

Burr grinder and vacuum coffee maker. My favorite way so far of making coffee
I love coffee and need it every morning. Unfortunately, I'm lazy and need it ready to go when I come downstairs so I use a regular timer based coffee maker. This is partly due to being in a rush every morning.

Oh yah... threw the Kurig my wife bought into the garbage about a year ago... Use the French press on the weekends when I have time to enjoy, but grind and brew the beans in the machine daily....

Of course I only get a cup and a half because my wife is a hard core coffee drinker, but Iove it as well



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