Let me know if you are a coffee nerd. Meaning you grind your own beans, try different origins, use different brew methods, etc.

If you are leave a comment below and I might have something special for you :)



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F*** yeah.

edit: I mostly use pour-over lately, but also use a mokapot or french press sometimes..  Thinking about picking up either a Chemex or Aeropress, but haven't decided which yet.



I'm still using K cups :(

I've been getting into my Aeropress.  It's not fancy, but probably nerdy.

I love the coffee, and have wanted to try it, but haven't crossed the nerd line yet.
I may often brew by drip, but I have a Cuisinart burr grinder, 3 k-cup brewers (for desktop brewing), 2 French presses, an espresso maker, I appreciate the nuances of the pour-over, I buy most of my beans direct from the Dominican Republic, and my coffee is often SO single origin that I know the name of the farmer who owns the plantation. Coffee me, please.

I didn't realize they grew much coffee in the DR. Are you saying you are drinking coffee grown in the DR or your just get beans of all different origins from importer in the DR?

Yes, a bit of a nerd. I don't buy junk beans (i.e., starbucks), grind my own, and use various methods to brew.
We use to grind our beans, but lately I just use the grinder for dehydrated hot peppers, for hot spice. I wonder how that would mix with coffee?

Sounds delicious.

This could be very interesting.



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