Greetings, all. As per usual, my grades are very simple:
A - I'd buy and burn through a box any time.
B - quite good, but there are better. I would purchase more.
C - really average. Only going to smoke it again if it is gifted.
D - a poor stick. Only smoking again is if I'm in the most desperate of cigar situations.
F - never again. Period.

A - Antonio Benitez robusto,Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra, Oliva O perfecto, Viaje Cadeau

B - PDR Small Batch Reserva, La duena corona, My Father Bijou 1922, Rocky Patel Vintage 1990, Fuente Anejo, Ezra Zion Inception, Quesada Oktoberfest, PDR habana Selection sun grown Liga 5, L'Atelier robusto,
CAO L'anniversaire maduro, AKA Hybrid

C - Nestor Miranda 'Not for Sale,' Cult Ometepe, Quesada Tributo, 1502 Ruby toro, Oliva Connecticut

D - Bonecrusher Surrogates

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Nice, I've missed these.  Always interesting "scores". Some I liked more than you, and some I didn't like as much.

Very surprised about that Ruby... others rave about it.  Not much surprise otherwise (based some on my own experiences, some on the reports of others).

Yes, Matt and Jared. I do love finding new cigars that I really enjoy. The Antonio Benitez was totally outstanding, and the Oliva perfecto was a really pleasant surprise. I, too, had heard lots of good stuff about the 1502 Ruby, but this stick was really lightly flavored and just sat there. There were a couple of the B graded ones that were pretty close to being an A (PDR Small Batch and the AKA Hybrid come to mind).

I can't believe you rated the 1502 Ruby so low.

Oh, yeah??!!! :-) I'm also surprised, Logan, that given your penchant for fuller, stronger cigars, you like that stick. It was just way too mild/uninteresting.

I know it is kinda shocking, but it just has so much freaking flavor.

And that Viaje Cadeau was a complete surprise the other way, as i was totally unimpressed with the two other Viajes that I've had. This was about 7 x 50 and I was ready to smoke a lot more of it.



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