If you are a new member who has joined Cigar Federation in the four months (May - August) you are eligible.

The rules are simple.

Get involved on Cigar Federation by providing reviews, forum topics, uploading videos or pictures, adding cigar events, or participate in the discussion by adding comments.

Contest ends 9/8/13 at midnight. Three members will be drawn at random to win one of the three subscriptions. Subscriptions to what you may ask? You have the chance to win a one year subscription to Cigar Aficionado.

Anytime that you do any of the above, add your entry HERE!

Any questions ask any of the Moderators!

Make sure to thank Will for making this happen!

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Will thanks for sponsoring this contest!

Subscription to what?

I guess you didn't read it clearly enough :)


When does it start? Rafflecopter says "soon"

Soon :)

It is live now! Go!

shibby! thank you Will! good luck everyone!

Thanks Will and Cigar Federation for the contest!

Bump. Don't forget to enter this!

Thanks Will and CF...good luck everyone.

This is now closed. I will post up the winners in the next few days.



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