ALS Ice Bucket Challege Issued to All Cigar Federation Members


I was challenged by Gabriel Alvarez and just completed my challenge.

I am holding a contest for every Cigar Federation member who accepts my challenge by Thursday will be entered to win a ten count random sampler from the good stuff in my humidor.

Make sure to post your video in this thread when you have completed the challenge.

Make sure to call out other Cigar Federation members!

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Nice, Erich.  I'm just leaving on business, so I'm not going to turn this around so fast, but I'll submit a donation tonight.

You, sir, are a true gentleman.

I didn't know we were from Wilmington DE

I'm right down the road in New Castle. You going to The Delaware Cigar Festival next month?

I will be there in some capacity....if not hanging out, I will be working the event

Nice job! 

Nice job!

Thanks guys! It was cold!!!


Alright boys let's get this done.



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