Hey Fed-Heads !!!  I hope everyone had a Killer Xmas !!  AKA wants to help make the start of your 2015 KILLER by doing a cool little contest !!

Contest is:  "Post Your New Years Resolution".  Post whatever you think you want to accomplish in 2015.  You guys know me; "Good, Bad, or Ugly" posts are all appreciated and welcomed !!  Lmao !!!  We will run this deal through Sunday January 11, 2014 and I will pick "10 Winners" !!!

As a side note, you guys may have noticed that the Facebook ?u&kers made me take down/convert our AKA profile page to a regular business page and in the process making us loose a few thousand FB Friends.  If any of you guys are into FB and would like to follow AKA  I'd Appreciate you friending my personal page!!


Thanks And Have A Killer New Years,

Jay Lundy

And the Winners are...

  • Matt Ross
  • KY70
  • HardlyClerkin
  • Jason Meyers
  • Dave Nichols
  • Atllogix
  • Texican8
  • Timmc71
  • Lena Adams
  • Max AKA Wstsider

Email your address to Rob@CigarFederation.com with AKA New Years in the subject.

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I'm only 23 but I want to start saving for retirement and putting money back. No plans in the near future to reproduce or get married so I might as well think about my future. I feel like an old man though, cigars, scotch, a laz-e boy, and a healthy retirement savings.

LOL I thought you were an old man Brett, shooot your just a kid (like me) ;-)

This year I plan on being a better provider for my family. Being a first year insurance agent is tough, but I can double or even triple what I made last year with renewals and new business for my second year. With that I want to be a better husband, father, and servant of Christ.

Goals this year:

-Find a job

-Continue with school

-Lose my gut

I have many other small goals but those are my big ones.

No resolutions, just goals.

Two big goals this year:

1) Refinance my house to get out from under our land-contract.

2) Help my department win its Federal grant funding.


2015 could be a very big year, and I can help make that happen!

My resolution this year is to buy a home.  I have already set up an Excel to help manage my budgeting better.  No more $1,000 buying sprees of cigars!! Please help me win these fine cigars :D 

My resolution is to actually start doing something resembling exercise. It'll be good for the diabetes and I need to start setting a good example for my daughter. She's 1 now, she's starting to notice things :P

This year I'm working to advance further in the company I currently work for. And now that I have a iPad i plan to try and be on here more often cause it was a bitch doing things from a IPhone. Thank you Jay and Cigar Federation for the opportunity to win some AKA cigars.

I will stop ringing the stewardess (I'm old school, screw this PC nonsense and calling them flight attendants) button on airplanes just to get her phone number. Otherwise, I want to accomplish absolutely nothing, since then I may become self-satisfied.

My new year's resolution was to get my front tooth fixed! I rolled over and fell sleeping on the couch. My daughter graduates from college this may and she begged me to do it! I put my fears of the dentist aside and got it done! happy new year AKA cigars!

Find a way to convince my wife that 1 cigar a month is just not enough!

I hereby resolve to better manage my time so I can smoke more cigars! Winning the lottery would greatly aid in my resolution!



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