Owner of AKA Cigars, Jay Lundy, is one of the newest members of the Federation!  And to jumpstart his Federation membership, we decided to do a little giveaway.  This one in a little bit different than our usual song and dance though.  This one requires some work on your part.  

Let me break it down.  You can do the usual stuff (follow AKA on Twitter, Like them on FB, Etc) and we'll pick one random winner from that portion of the contest.  After that one winner is selected, we'll pick TWO winners from the pool of comments posted.  Allow me to explain.  

We want to hear about your real life hero.  AKA is a big supporter of our troops and Wounded Warriors and we all think of our troops as heroes.  So tell us who your hero is and why.  Post your answer in the comments below and we will pick our three favorite entries as winners.  Jay will pick one and I will pick one, so keep your audience in mind.

The contest closes at Midnight CST on Thursday 1/23, so you have some time to think about your answer, but don't wait too long!  We will have three total winners (one random and 2 selected from the pool of comments).  Each winner will receive a 4-pack sampler of AKA cigars and either a Hat, cutter or Lighter.  I believe the 4-pack will contain one of each of the AKA Blends, so this is a nice way to try them all.  Watch out for that Nth Degree!  It's a fantastic smoke!

Be sure to enter your info into RaffleCopter

Post your Hero Comment Below

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Thank you for the contest guys!

My hero is my dad. I've learned so much from him, and our relationship just grew as I got older and more mature. He's helped me to look for jobs. He's taught me about honesty, integrity, and great relationships with people. I've always been hard on my dad because I get my hard headedness from him (and being young and dumb, you're always going to clash with authority and parental figures), but as the years go by, I realize more and more that he taught me is true and can and SHOULD be applied in life. We're not perfect, what does that mean anyways? But he's the perfect father and I couldn't ask for a better relationship.

Good luck everyone and LONG ASHES!

My hero is my step-brother who started a non-profit organization 11 years ago to raise money to support the troops who return home from war with either physical or mental issues.

Ugh it's so hard to pick just one hero. I think I will have to go with my grandfather on my mother's side, or, as I always called him Pepere (pronounced peh pay. Cause my heritage is French Canadian). Why is he my hero? First, he was a WWII veteran. Purple Heart recipient. Sergeant. He experienced just about the most horrific thing you can imagine in the war. We don't know much about his service, we really only have one story. Him and his unit were on patrol when a mortar/artillery shell exploded nearby, killing his entire unit except for him. In his unit was his best friend from childhood. If that wasn't bad enough, Nazis were patrolling the area looking for survivors. In order to survive, he had to lie still in a crater for a week, lying next to his dead best friend) while Nazis patrolled until finally a Red Cross truck came by and rescued him. The day the mortar exploded also happened to be on St. Joseph the Worker's Feast Day, and as Catholics, my family have really believed that St. Joseph has watched over our family. Silly superstition? Maybe. But that's ok with me.

He came back to the states, and initially refused to date my grandmother (Memere, pronounced meh may) because she didn't wear makeup. Total badass. Guess who started to wear makeup? He worked long hard hours in a Goodyear tire factory and eventually became a train conductor. He and my Memere were lucky to have a nickel at the end of a month. But that didn't matter to them, they saved everything they could.

He also essentially helped raise my father. My dad's dad died when he was only 18. My father looked for advice from my Pepere a lot. My dad got married when he was 20, and was still in college. So my Pepere had a lot of influence, and he loved my dad like he was his own kid. He treated all of his kids well and raised them all really well.

As he got older, he started having heart problems. He survived something like 8 heart attacks. The man just had so much life in him. He flew to Paris with his wife and my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary. He was out until 3 in the morning, then woke everyone up at 6 the next day to see more sights. The man was so full of life. He helped to teach me that the only bad day you don't have is the one you don't get up on. So by that measure, he had one bad day, he died on Febuary 6th 2012. Luckily, he died in a hospital surrounded by most of his kids and several grandkids. I honestly don't think there would have been any way he would have preferred to have passed away.

My hero is my brother.  He served 26 years in the U.S. Navy.  After he retired, he continued to serve by working for various contractors in the Middle East theater (Iraq and Afganistan) repairing military electronic equipment.  While serving, he came down with Gillian-Barre syndrome.  He has been fighting to regain function in his arms and legs for 2 years now.  The whole time, he has stayed upbeat.  He never gave up.  He's been an inspiration to me in my own life, dealing with my own disabilities.  And, he smokes his cigars daily. 

this one is very personal!!!

I know it sounds cliche but I would have to say my father is my hero. My mother passed of cancer when I was 12 and I have never seen a man so committed to his wife as my father was. He was by her side the whole journey and supported her to her last day. He also did a great job as a single parent raising my sister and I.

He was always there for me and didn't let the tragedy ruin his view on life. He never turned to alcohol, drugs, etc. as I have seen countless others do in these types of situations. He remained strong and is still to this day a loving and supportive father. He went on to remarry years later and to this day I joke about how he is the only man I've known to have two successful marriages.

My hero was my father. He taught me that is equally important to always remember the fallen in war as those who have returned. The men who return must live with what they have seen and done every day.

My hero is a guy who means a lot to me. You might not know him, but his name is Robert H. Rasmussen.Some of you might know him as RobbyRas, baldy, or big floppin douche bag (this is what I call him most of the time).
There are so many things (not really) that Rob does to make me feel special. During CigarChat he is always super nice to me and has the nicest things to say about me. I know most of you think words like idiot and moron aren't the kindest words to use. When Rob uses these words what he really means is that he thinks I do a great job on CigarChat and without me the show would suck (true story because he is boring).
Rob always is on Cigar Federation and writes his required cigar review every week (never does but did today). Also, I never have to email to remind him about writing said review. He always emails me to let me know he has completed any task he has been assigned (this would be f****** miracle if it happened).
Rob is always the first person to step up and do anything that is needed for Cigar Federation. Not to mention he is the most generous person with the cigar samples he is given. He always sends them out to the mods for review, and this is something I would never do, because I am a douche.
Every time I think about Rob the song "my best friend" because Robert is the only person who truly understands me and makes me feel good about myself. He never calls me chubby or anything that would highlight the fact I am slightly overweight. Also, he always helps me correct my spelling errors. He knows I was raised by a group of cavemen and can't spell worth a shit. He never makes jokes about hooked on phonics around me, no sir. 
I really wish everyone was like Robert. He is just the f****** bees knees.

can we just say that this one is the winner?  I mean, just call it now.

Exactly. If I don't win, then I am going to call him a cheater too.

yeah... it's a winner... My dog Charlie (of instagram fame) is out in the yard right now making your prize... It might still be warm when you receive it...

Well you do know how much I love dogs.



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