Owner of AKA Cigars, Jay Lundy, is one of the newest members of the Federation!  And to jumpstart his Federation membership, we decided to do a little giveaway.  This one in a little bit different than our usual song and dance though.  This one requires some work on your part.  

Let me break it down.  You can do the usual stuff (follow AKA on Twitter, Like them on FB, Etc) and we'll pick one random winner from that portion of the contest.  After that one winner is selected, we'll pick TWO winners from the pool of comments posted.  Allow me to explain.  

We want to hear about your real life hero.  AKA is a big supporter of our troops and Wounded Warriors and we all think of our troops as heroes.  So tell us who your hero is and why.  Post your answer in the comments below and we will pick our three favorite entries as winners.  Jay will pick one and I will pick one, so keep your audience in mind.

The contest closes at Midnight CST on Thursday 1/23, so you have some time to think about your answer, but don't wait too long!  We will have three total winners (one random and 2 selected from the pool of comments).  Each winner will receive a 4-pack sampler of AKA cigars and either a Hat, cutter or Lighter.  I believe the 4-pack will contain one of each of the AKA Blends, so this is a nice way to try them all.  Watch out for that Nth Degree!  It's a fantastic smoke!

Be sure to enter your info into RaffleCopter

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A lot of folks are listing their dads or other family members. I'm going to say that my hero is The Governor from The Walking Dead. Never has a show about the zombie apocalypse been so boring as The Walking Dead. Thankfully, my hero, The Governor, arrived to ensure that the series never became boring, never became stale and was always unexpected (not to mention loaded with brutality and nastiness the likes of which a villain on television has never exacted).

Though he wont be returning to the program, I shall always revel in my hero, The Governor, and his maniacal, one-eyed antics.

My Heros are the men and women of Law enforcement and The Military. They put there lives on the line each day so we can enjoy our Liberty.

Meet this ''Vet'' at a local cigar shop,Fl. I'm a snowbird. I only now his first name ''Johnny''. Served in Iraq, and Afghanistan, wounded five times, uses a cane to walk, still has pain in his left leg. This is the first time I have ever heard of stories of those wars from some one who was there. He is my real Hero. Swede    

My hero is my wife, She is the greatest person i have been blessed to know.  She does so much for our family and sacrifices daily to ensure that things have been done or completed around the house.  I can see that more especially in this past year I see her determination and hard work  Last year she was diagnosed is a heart condition where her heart skips beats and then runs into tachycardia issues.  She has been unable to work for a year now, but still each day whether she feels like it our not, she tries for me and her children.  I am blessed to call her mine and to have spent the last 23 years with her.  Today is our anniversary.  

Great contest, but this is hard for me to pick.  The men in my life have not been the best role models, nor have the women.

So I chose a co-worker of mine.  She has a son who has severe autism.  He is in his early 20's and she has had to care for him for his entire life.  During that time, she has also gone through a divorce, moved to a new city, obtained a Doctorate, had several successful positions, and taken great care of her child. 

Having two children with no special needs and a wife who stays at home (for now), I sometimes struggle with the inconveniences that arise.  She is my hero because despite all the obstacles, she keeps on trucking.  I want to be more like her in that regard.

jt storm boen is the epitome of the word "hero": selfless, donates blood, sweat, time, and personal assets for the benefit of his charity-- op: cigars for warriors to make sure his brothers/sisters still in war zones are remembered and honored. with an unwaivering vision and a handful of loyal individuals & manufacturers, his vision has become the recognized 501c3 charity of serving military. in whatever time he has left in the day, he also runs CATS--the largest cigar-loving group on fb, organizes events, gathers support, and also serves meals at his local soup kitchen. 

I know there's going to be a lot of dads on this list, but of all the heroes I have in my life (multiple war veterans, etc.), my dad is still mine, for a bunch of reasons.

If you can think of a dad-thing that dad's are supposed to do, my dad did it, and usually above and beyond. Coach little league? Yep, for me and all 4 of my brothers. THEN, when we were too old, he kept coaching OTHER people's kids for years, then spent many years as the league commissioner, and as an umpire for the older leagues, high school & community college games. See what I mean? Above & beyond. Everyone involved with baseball in Parsons KS over the last 25 years knows & respects my dad, to the point that when he finally retired from coaching, the local paper did a half-page story on him on the front of the Sports section.

How about hunting? Yep. Bought me my first BB gun, then my shotgun. Made sure I made it through Hunter's Safety. Taught me how to shoot both of my guns, plus his rifles, how to walk the fence rows & fields at my great grandma's farm to raise a covey of quail, how to clean them up after, and even some great recipes for the grill (bacon wrapped, duh!).

My dad taught me that if there's something in your house that you can fix or improve yourself, then you do it yourself. He's been "remodeling & relandscaping" their house for the last 27 years. Word work, drywall, plumbing, roofing, wiring, porches & patios, trees, flowers, fences. He loves to work on that house, and he had me help and learn for almost every project.

Cars? 1962 Camaro, took the headers off, ran the quarter in 13 flat. Which he sold when I was born for a Dodge Omni because he wanted a more "family" car.

For all those things, my dad is my hero the most as an attorney. To many people, this is a minus. However, after watching my dad in this business for 30 years, from beginning to partner to having his own office, I have learned that my dad is literally different. He is honest, fair, and has a strong sense of justice and doing what is right. I know this, first because in my dealings with other lawyers, they haven't measured up - manipulative and untrustworthy. Not all, just the ones I've dealt with. Second, I realized long ago that he passed this sense of justice on to me and all my brothers - that doing what is right, treating people fairly, and protecting those who can't protect themselves, is one of the most important things a man, and a dad, can do, even when that means owning up to and paying for your own mistakes

My dad has outrageous flaws, but his virtues more than overcome them. And when I was a mouthy teenager we yelled and fought. But, he taught me everything I know about being a good man & a good dad. And believe me, there are things I left out (how to love Jayhawk basketball, how to treat your wife, etc.). My dad is my hero. Deal with it.

as I sit here and think about this, my heart is heavy. there is a lot going on in my life, with the biggest being a pending divorce from my wife of 23 years. lot's has happened over that time, most of it great, some of it ok, and some of it very painful. we don't fight, or dislike each other, we have just grown apart. life has taken us on different paths, and realizing that we have both grown away from each other is not easy. one cannot try to love someone, that love must spring from the heart, flow like a river, and be felt in ones soul. both of us realize that this is not the case anymore. as painful as that is, and only time will heal this pain that we share, she is still my best friend, and my hero. we may have fallen out of love, but she has shown me that we can both love each other, and be there for each other, and root each other on, as we walk a new path, breath in new life, that will allow us to grow, and start to live life to it's fullest again. through pain, wonderful growth shall follow...

My Hero was a man I didn't know. He changed my outlook on life and I think about him often. 

Through a lengthy discussion he explained the irrationality of fearing death, the importance of knowledge, and what it truly means to be happy in life.

The thing that resonated with me (and ultimately makes me realize his impact) was a simple challenge to "learn something new every year". Not in the "interesting fact" or "meet someone you normally wouldn't", rather, a skill that will ultimately enhance life for yourself or those around you. The amount of time and money you invest is subjective as long as at the end of the journey you discover that you either 1) Are that much more awesome than before, 2) your life, or someone else's, has been enriched, or 3) You probably should pick something else.

In accepting his challenge more than a decade ago I have become a confident and accomplished guitar player, a skilled Asian cook and Bbq master, conversationally fluent in Spanish, tasty homemade wine maker, Airbrush Artist, Violin murderer (this one didn't work so well!), cigar aficionado, Stand up paddle boarder, to name a few.

In other words: an accomplished and well rounded individual from a slacker do nothing 20-something... perhaps not a traditional hero, but MY hero. Life is good.

Have to say my Hero is my mom. The things she had to go thur with my dad made her a very strong lady.. She could of gave up but she didn't.. She pushed to make our lives easier and better then what we had at the time..

Easy for me.. my Father.. he taught me discipline, respect (how to give it to earn it), honor and dignity. All without a belt, hand or a switch. Taught me to be a good, respectful and caring human, but more important a good dad! (best job god has given anyone)

Sure he introduced me to cigars and scotch and how to take the time to enjoy them and all the little things. But how to live my life, shit there are still little things I think of he said and told me and go, 'Wow he nailed that too" .

One thing I wish is they could give just one visiting day.. I would love to set with both my parents, but to share a special cigar and a damn fine single malt.. that would mean the world to me. Maybe that time isn't far off, guess I'll have to wait.

Thanks, this was contemplative.. guess I'll go smoke a candela now.. (what he smoked)





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