Owner of AKA Cigars, Jay Lundy, is one of the newest members of the Federation!  And to jumpstart his Federation membership, we decided to do a little giveaway.  This one in a little bit different than our usual song and dance though.  This one requires some work on your part.  

Let me break it down.  You can do the usual stuff (follow AKA on Twitter, Like them on FB, Etc) and we'll pick one random winner from that portion of the contest.  After that one winner is selected, we'll pick TWO winners from the pool of comments posted.  Allow me to explain.  

We want to hear about your real life hero.  AKA is a big supporter of our troops and Wounded Warriors and we all think of our troops as heroes.  So tell us who your hero is and why.  Post your answer in the comments below and we will pick our three favorite entries as winners.  Jay will pick one and I will pick one, so keep your audience in mind.

The contest closes at Midnight CST on Thursday 1/23, so you have some time to think about your answer, but don't wait too long!  We will have three total winners (one random and 2 selected from the pool of comments).  Each winner will receive a 4-pack sampler of AKA cigars and either a Hat, cutter or Lighter.  I believe the 4-pack will contain one of each of the AKA Blends, so this is a nice way to try them all.  Watch out for that Nth Degree!  It's a fantastic smoke!

Be sure to enter your info into RaffleCopter

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yes, it was made abundantly clear last night... I REALLY could have gone my entire life without seeing the Logan and Truman sex tape... quite the scandle

man... even I think that was in poor taste

I had this bag of stories that I was going to share about my uncle. He is an amazing person that has been a stud in my family and a genuine example of what it means to be a hero and a man. As I was brain storming as to how I was going to present him in this post my wife walked into the room. And I realized I married one of my heroes.

When I met my wife 20+ years ago she told me she "worked for the city". At the time I did not care where she worked she was hot. Five foot two 130 pounds and just right in all the right places! I was a young punk running the streets and felt like I scored, good looking and employed! And then when she started going to work at 10 or 11 at night I started to push for clarification as to what she did for the city. After few weeks of pushing for answers she asked me to bring her some lunch.... She walked out of the police department wearing a uniform! Did I mention I was a young punk running the streets? On top of being an incredible Wife and mother to our six children (I think we have met the Mexican quota) She has been an incredible Law Enforcement Officer. In her career she has worked in undercover drug stings, dressed up like hooker for stings, received medals for valor and going above and beyond in the line of duty and was a training officer for five years! There have been officers that have expressed to me how grateful they are to have been trained by my wife. And that a lot of their success is due to the training they received from her. She is an amazing woman and I am grateful to be a part of her life. Her integrity and honor has helped make me a better man and continues to be a driving force in my family.

My hero... don't have one have many way too many to list. 1. Every service member that has served to protect our freedoms in this country. 2. My family for all they have helped me with and in helping me be the person I am today. 3. Teachers the unsung heroes for our children.

We've got some good replies so far!  There is another week to go, so get your responses in!  I can neither confirm no deny that sharing this contest on twitter and facebook will increase your chances of winning

my hero is my uncle norman he died at 93 years of age,he was a fighter pilot in world war 2.he was denied his service medal because he was involved in a racial incident on a bus way back when but mayor corey booker of new jersey fought to get his honors and won,they had a ceremony for him at his hospital bed and he made the papers!

Took me a few days to actually think about this and figure this out. See I wasn't very happy with my parents when I was growing up took me a while to come to terms that they had me too young and weren't equipped to raise children. So  I can't pick either of them I am still pretty bitter. Love my Grandfather very much and thought about him but dudes an alcoholic and cant ever control his anger. That's not heroic in the least, so the only person I look up to on a daily basis is my wife. We have been a couple for over 15 years now and she is the only person that ever really saw potential in me and supports me with everything I do. She gets up every morning makes my son breakfast prepares us lunch for the day to stick to our  budget. Goes to work and then works all day to just go home and spend 3-4 hours on her feet cooking dinner. Yes she complains about it sometimes but she always does it with a smile to make me and my son happy. On top of all that she puts up with my needy ass with a smile and loves me regardless of my many flaws. She continues to amaze me daily, wouldn't be the person I am without her. 

Love the Nth degree really one to try the respect 2013 blend. Thanks for the contest.  My grandfather is my Hero!  He served in the Army and was on the boat home from Korea when it officially became a war.  He taught all of us RESPECT and hard work were the core of any good man.

Well guys, my hero is my dad, as well.  A veteran of 2 wars and a guy who was a cancer fighter until he passed away in 2008.  He taught me how to be a great dad to my kids too, and wasn't afraid of showing his emotions.

Jesus !!!

I think you mean to say Hey Zeus :)

My wife is my hero she has put up with me and the army for 14 years now and us raising two kids a lot if the time by herself



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