Cigarro: Aguila Torpedo Fábrica: ??
Country: Nicaragua
Capa: ??
Capote: ??
Tripa: ??
Dimensions: 6.13 x 52
Vitola: Torpedo
Production: Core Line/Regular Production
MSRP: $4.80 USD
Released: ??

"Before The Flame"
Aroma of cedar, spice, & barnyard. Not the prettiest wrapper but doesn't look too bad either. Light-medium to medium brown in color and cubanesque yet a little darker. Kind of dry texture but the sheen is visible. It has a few veins one that protrudes a decent amount. There are a few areas where the seam isn't sitting flush. It has a wonderful triple cap applied. Simple band of white and black which is hard to get a photo of without using flash. It has somewhat of a rustic look. From where I clipped the head the cold draw is snug and provides hay, grass, and an ocean breeze flavor.

1/3 "The Appetizer"
Starts off with cream, cedar, and a faint grass note. It is very mild at the start. There are notes of unfamiliar spice. At half an inch in some sweet chocolate is introduced. At an inch I can feel some pepper, though it is light. Some faint cedar spice is in addition to other flavors. There is a core note of butter bread along with the chocolate which is a lightly sweetened chocolate. First ash drops a little past an inch in. This is also when floral, a little herb, and a different spice than I was tasting earlier come in to play.

2/3 "Main Entrée"
Entering the 2nd and there is a bit of nuttiness. Notes of hay but pretty much the profile has carried over a vast amount of the 1sts flavors. The burn gets a little wonky at times but manages to self correct. The draw tightened up some which is a little uncomfortable but I'm finding if i bite just a slight amount as I take a draw an adequate amount of smoke can be taken in. Little past halfway and some fruit notes are there, sometimes with a citrus bite.

3/3 "Dessert"
During the last third coffee notes are introduced. The profile becomes significantly less sweet and the fruitiness has become hard to find as well. Lastly, the cedar note has morphed itself into more of a generic wood.

This was a mild cigar to begin and by the end it made it to a medium cigar.

Other than the draw tightening up in the 2nd this was a decently crafted cigar.

Closing Thoughts
At less than $5 this is a good cigar for the money. It is a milder cigar on the spectrum. Not a cigar to be consumed at the end of the day after having a couple smokes earlier, but definitely could serve as that early weekend day smoke to start things off. If you tend to like milder cigars this is a must try. It will yield a different experience from Connecticut wrapped cigars. If you mostly smoke medium-full or more, this may not fit in your rotation but deserves a chance before writing it off.

Smoking Time: 1 hour 32 minutes
Pairing: Zero Water
Scoring: 86/100​

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Correction: White and Gold Band



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