So I've read in a few different places that Ligas don't age well and some folks have said that the fresher they are, they better they smoke. Is there any truth to this? I have 2 FFPs, a T52, and No. 9 that have been in the humidor for about +6 mos. Should I light these guys up in the very near future or should I let this sit awhile longer?

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I actually just was told this last night by Chris from Cigar Nubs. I finally got ahold of a Liga #9 AND a T52, and he said go ahead & smoke them because he's had aged ones that weren't so hot.

I don't know one way or the other, and, frankly, I'm surprised to hear other people are saying this because I always get weird looks when I tell people this, but I am a huge proponent of smoking all Ligas fresh.  I think, and I think I've heard from JD as well, that Ligas are released when DE believes that they are peaking so if you sit on them, you're not smoking them when the manufacturer thinks they are best.

I don't know if that is true or not, but I seem to remember hearing JD say that.  At the very least, I can tell you that outside of the UF-13s which I enjoyed more from with 18 months of age than the initial full-production releases, I always prefer my Ligas fresh.

I cannot get into why I agree with this.  In my experience, they are the only cigar that looses their aroma and oil after aging.  Their resting smoke disappears as well.  I would smoke them all fresh, and I went through boxes of Liga's when I was into them.  This anti-aging characteristic is why chasing their unicorns ended in a letdown for me.

  Smoke them fresh.  I believe they are best experienced that way.   

Does anyone know how long LP stuff ages at DE before they ship it out?

If I am not mistaken they were originally aged for about a year then they realized the blends would mellow a bit so they took down the aging to less than a year.  Not sure the exact time but I would assume maybe 6 months.  The leaves are aged, but what I just said applies to the rolled sticks.

The 52 ages ok and doesn't lose as much oil as the 9.  The 9s are a some em asap because they mellow out A LOT. Both the 52 and 9 pig are like their regular vitolas. The FFPs are appearing to age well and with rest aim to be a great stick. 

I have an aged one from the first release that JD gave a buddy of mine. He bombed it to me and I have yet to smoke it. Guess I better light it up!

Now is a better time than any apparently, the Ligas I have were bombed to me by you awhile back if I remember correctly? Meatcake I presume?

Yes Will this is Meatcake!  Well remembered sir. Yeah, I wasn't aware that these didn't age well. Good info to know.



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