One of the things we often hear at Cigar Federation is that our users have difficulty adding photos to the body of their posts.  Since we've already covered "How To Start a Forum Thread" and "How to Post Up 'What You Are Smoking Today'", I figured I'd make a quick post showing how to post pictures.

First, you need to get your picture onto your computer; however, Cigar Federation offers you the ability to email your picture directly to the site.  If you look in the top of the right frame, you will see your name with your Inbox, Alerts, etc.  Click Settings.

At the bottom of 'My Settings', you'll find an email address that you can use to send your photo directly to Cigar Federation and have it posted under Photos.

Now, once you are creating a post, you will see several icons above the body section - a Link link, a photo, a movie reel, etc.  You want to click the Photo.

Once you click the photo, it will bring up a lightbox with two tabs - From my Computer and From a URL.  Choose your option, browse for the photo (if on Computer) or enter the URL and click OK. 

You should now be set!

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