Hey All!
So, it's been a very busy/difficult year at my new job as a high school AP (not complaining; I've learned a LOT), and my cfed activities have taken a backseat. I need some help from you guys. I have promised folks cigars, beer, and barbeque sauce, but I cannot remember who I should be sending what. They are waiting for the right home!
For sure someone is getting BCBS from me, and I think a Sauer's BBQ sauce. Who was it?! I feel like it might've been you, Jeff M. or Jason R., but it's in the comments section somewhere and I sure don't know where. Let me know!
And I'm sure there are cigars promised out there that are begging for delivery, so let me know.
Sorry for taking so long, but I'm excited to get these out to my fellow BOTLs.
Ken, you aren't forgotten. Your Praire stash is growing.
Garron, I owed a package out there that will need a new home: yours, as a thanks for setting up those awesome bombs. So please PM with your address.
Again, apologies for the long delays!

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No worries Sam! You don't "owe" me at all so no rush from me. My good friend is also in his 1st year as AP I've heard how challenging the job can be and how long the work days are. Hang in there bro
Thanks, Ken! Yeah, man, it's a busy, challenging day, but never a dull moment! And I definitely don't mean "owe", brother. Love the trades and camaraderie here. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Indeed bro! For the record I owe you fro collecting the Prairie beers for me. Thanks again
Haha, right, well, it's been fun having an excuse to look at beer in different stores.

Hey now, you do you and don't worry about that stuff.  Guys around here are patient and realize you need to handle your business.  Enjoy the new experience!

Thanks, Doug. High schoolers are something else. I guess we were all like that to some degree.
Oh hell Sam, you had some brews, BBQ sauce and smokes headed my way! Lol I have seen you're around a bit less, I hope things are well.
Haha, okay, Jeremy, I'll send it all your way, then! Things are good. You know how it is, sometimes the job is more crazy than normal. Hoping it's just a "season." I am almost done with grad school, thankfully, so that'll be a weight off (once I actually create and present the project I'm supposed to have even working on for the last three months). I am hoping to be back here in full force soon. I miss you guys!



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