I'm sitting here smoking a cigar and the wrapper is cracking like a fat plumber working under a sink! Has to be my biggest cigar pet peeve! What's your biggest stogie frustration? VENT IT HERE!

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Plugged cigars or cracking in the middle. If a cigar is cracked at the head or the foot, you can kind of fix it, but if it is down the middle, man that is a pain.

Plugged cigars and people who think but do not really know how to light a cigar.

Take your time when lighting as you would when smoking.

  1. Plugged
  2. Fall apart

The expensive stick you just wait to munch on for months. 
You sit back and start your smoking ritual and after the first
Big bellow of smoke you realize the stick is a perfect POS! 
Nightmares follow. 

My current pet peeve is the lack of free space in my humidor. I know that should be a good thing, but I keep getting new sticks with no where to put them. Guess it's time for an upgrade. Also, I can't stand it when people ash every few seconds like it's a cigarette. Let it burn, let a good ash build. People try to rub it against the ashtray to keep the ash off and then wonder why they are having burn issues.

I just hate an uneven burn, drives me nuts...I don't wanna have to think about "workin" the cigar, I just wanna light up, and enjoy it...uneven burns and re-lights are the bane of cigar smoking in my book.



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