I'm sitting here smoking a cigar and the wrapper is cracking like a fat plumber working under a sink! Has to be my biggest cigar pet peeve! What's your biggest stogie frustration? VENT IT HERE!

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I've been thinking about this recently, and unless the tear or hole goes through the binder, a wrapper flaw really shouldn't have anything to do with the structural integrity.  You should be able to take the wrapper off altogether and the cigar should smoke fine.  I just never could understand why a blow-through would produce smoke, yet a draw wouldn't.  Maybe it was rolled backwards? :-)

I guess the only time a hole would go all the way through would be in the case of a beetle that had bored through (or some other severe damage).  But, I don't think the binder is always as tightly bound and molded as we'd like to think.  Since it's not commonly adhered to the filler, I would imagine it might still allow some air to pass through the seams?

Also, I have experienced exactly what you're talking about - and I'd say most people are likely to blow much more air than draw.  If I'm drawing through a cigar, I would not be compelled to do so with great force - it would likely be hot and off-flavor.  If I'm blowing through the cigar (to test it in the case of a lack of smoke), I'm not concerned with temperature or flavor.  I can just blow.  So, in effect, I'm pushing much more air into the cigar and across what ember is available.

Additionally, the air is directed through the cigar and forced into the ember during a blow (higher pressure due to more air pushed through a smaller conduit).  When drawing, a small amount of air is drawn from a far larger area (the open area around the outside of the ember) - a lower pressure drawn INTO the cigar, creating a lower volume of air passing across the burn.

Of course, these are just early-morning ramblings.  I honestly have no clue.  But, I do agree it is quite bothersome...

Points well taken on the suck vs. blow dynamics. (it will be interesting to see what the moderation software does with this since the word "h_o_l_e" is being censored througout the conversation, what sick bastard decided the most common usage of that word is naughty?) 

Anyway, I think it would take a beetle hole or a crack through the wrapper AND binder to really effect the draw.  I've had the good fortune to experience cigar rolling and while I suck at it and it takes years of experience to master, I still think that a wrapperless cigar should perform the same as a finished cigar, given properly selected binder leaves.  It would be ugly, but it should still work.

Ya. We noticed that censoring too. Kinda weird bc the word "hole" isn't listed in our dirty word list. I guess our software is a little prudish. :)

...yet "bastard" slides right through...go figure



My biggest cigar pet peeves (1 being the highest):

1. plugged cigars

2. loose caps (super short caps too)

3. expensive cigar but horrible taste

I can live with an uneven burns, wrapper cracking (not all the time, but if the cigar tastes good, I guess it doesn't matter), and other construction flaws...as long as it isn't plugged!

My biggest Cigar pet peeve is for sure when the cigar CRACKS and BURSTS !!! I also hate when i buy a few single sticks when my humidor is getting low,  i try a cigar that i have not smoked yet, and it is horrible !!! I have ran into a few cigars that once you get down it is a very harsh taste, ugghhhh that sucks !!

Totally agree with you on that. Cigars that crack are really annoying! Also, like someone said before, when the wrapper is cheap and starts to fall apart while you are smoking. No good!

Ya. Snobby cigar smokers outta be banished to swisher sweets as penance.

100% agreed! Same idea with beer snobs too... :)

Another agree !!! I hate Snobby people that smoke cigars, and they act like their sh*t dont stink. Uggghhhh they make me sick!



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