OK, we had 16 guys last year... We need a new Commish this year tho... who wants to run this thing?

If we don't get a commish, then we don't have a league... Brett did it last year, so I have a message out to him... we'll see...

Who wants in?

I'm in... and I'm hoping we can get 10-12 teams...

Commish - ?

2. RobbyRas

3. Doug










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I'm in if it is only 12 teams.  16 was too many imo.  If we can get 20 (which isn't much more than 16), we should just do two leagues.

16 was the biggest football league I have ever been in and it was pretty fun... lots of evenly matched teams if memory serves...

we've never had enough interest to do two 10 team leagues... but if we can get it, we'll do it... tho i think 10 team leagues are even more ridiculous than a 16 teamer... but that's just me... 

I am in of course, Never run a league before so I am not sure about the Commish job but if no one with experience steps up I am sure I can wing it. 


Need you to accept friend request and PM me your email. I have one available spot in the league. Get back to me ASAP.

I suck at baseball so I better try football!

If you want in I need you to PM me your email address ASAP. Need a response by tomorrow.

Well count me in

If you want in I need you to PM me your email address by tomorrow. 

What's the buy in?

Usually do 5 cigars.



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