Just wanted to share some photos from this years Delaware Cigar Festival.

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Thanks Jose! That was really fun looking though all those photos. Did the DE booth have any Unicos or Nortenos?

@Charlie DE did not have any of the rare stuff nor Nortenos...if so I would have been broke at the end of the evening

LOL yea I hear ya, I'm on a break right now since it was just Unico season and I went all out and spent way too much. Not to mention the Norteno, they took a dent out of my cigar budget. I was just wondering.

I just have one question #manangel. Why are you wearing a Dojo not CF shirt :)

He has the hat!

Well Charlie is right...i did wear the hat.  I did buy a CFed shirt in large, but it shrunk a bit so it doesnt exaclty fit right anymore.  #Managel needs to drop a few more lbs to fit it good again.

Thats why I havent grabbed a lot of cigar shirts, I am a large in size but if it shrinks then it doesn't fit. And XL is way to big for me. I want the Warped shirt/CFED shirt but am worried about the size.

im the same way...xl are pretty loose on me, and Lrgs are just right (until they shrink).

All I see are sunglasses!

im not going to lie, the Dojo shirt got me a few extra free cigars when I told them I do reviews for them every now and again.  #ShamelessWeaseling

Damn, and I had a free box for someone wearing a Cigar Federation Shirt. :)

*free box of Lots..



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