Est. 1844 Cigar

Any experience with these Look ttempting for some reason

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I bought a 10 pack of the 4.5x50... All 10 were perfect burning, and a well tasting stick ;-) !!

I just finished one this afternoon. I'll definitely be buying more. I got a 3.5 inch ash on a 4.5 inch stick. The flavor remained consistent throughout the entire smoke and it never once tried to canoe on me. Definitely worth giving them a try.

This is an AJ Fernandez blended cigar.  If you like his stuff, you'll like these.  Bought a box myself.  ; )

I just bought another Box of the 1844, hahaha,... Deff well worth it !!

Just ordered some more myself is is a darn good stick

Is it bad that i smoked 3 4.5 1844's today, Afternoon, evening, night lol.

LOL!  .... bad-ass!  maybe!

It is !!! I am running out!! I need more !!

I tried to get the sampler from that has one of each size for $20. But they are out of stock.

So I got two of the 50 or 54 (forgot which). I will try it here soon,


I think the reason we want to try them is a box isn't but $50. So its not like you buy a $175 box of cigars and turn out you don't like them. You are only out $50. And Im sure you can get rid of them quickly if you didn't like them; and recoop some of your moeny.

The No, 54 was on sale Joes Jambalaya today for 23 bucks for a 10 pack pick up 2 10 packs. Great smoke,

They are on Cigar Bid pretty often , Just bought a 5er of the figurados

I have one in my box.  I will proably get it out next weekend.  Now that everybody is making such a big fuss over it.



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