Getting ready for my Thursday review of the 1502 Nicaragua.  Hopefully this one is up there with the Ruby and Emerald... It's gotta be better than the Black Gold...


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Curious on your thoughts

From what I have heard these are well worth the price....on the light end of medium.

im looking forward to this release.  I should have mine tomorrow!

very mild so far... about 1/3 of the way through... real nice flavor, but kinda thin

Mild???? NO!!!!!

it picked up in the second half... don't fret

Whoo Hoo! I'm hoping to pick up some at an event next week

for a Nica Puro, I thought it was pretty solid with good flavor.  Not as complex as the other 1502's I thought.  The one I smoked today started of medium ended full minus range.

Robby maybe your palate is changing over and is more accepting of fuller bodied cigars.

"Its got to be better than the Black Gold"  With a comment like that..I hope you never stop in Kern County!!! :)



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